●     Partner with schools, volunteers and community service providers to bring educational services and solutions to parents in the community. 

●    Increase student achievement by encouraging parent involvement in their children education.

●    Utilize Joyce Epstein’s Six Keys of Parent Involvement to Support Student Achievement.

●    Create awareness by presenting interactive and educational workshops for parents.  

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Mission:    Help families thrive by empowering parents with quality education and community resources. 

Vision:       Create a community where families take an active role in the education and future of their children.     

​​Your Community Parent Education Agency:  Provider of Quality Bilingual Education

Six Kinds of Parent Involvement

In her book, School, Family and Community Partnerships, Your Handbook for Action, Joyce Epstein recommends six major types of parent involvement for schools to promote. 

Categories include:

1. Parenting
Help families with parenting skills by providing information about children’s developmental stages and home environment considerations that support children as students.

2. Communicating
Communicate effectively with families about student progress, school services and programs, and also provide opportunities for parents to communicate with the school.

3. Volunteering
Find ways to recruit and train volunteers for the school and classroom. Try to accommodate parents’ schedules to maximize support for students and programs. This category also includes opportunities for parents to attend events

4. Learning at Home
Share ideas with families to improve students’ homework strategies and other kinds of at-home learning, and provide information about the kinds of skills students are required to learn.

5. Decision Making
Include families as partners in school decisions. Recruit members for school organizations, advisory groups and committees.

6. Collaborating with the Community Create two-way connections between the school and community that encourage businesses and other groups to take an interest in schools and offer students and their families ways to contribute to the well-being of the community. 

​​Building the bridge to academic success through  quality parent workshops.


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