• Affordable 
  • Easy to Schedule
  • Evidence Based Workshops
  • Variety of Topics to Meet Your Needs
  • Morning and Evening Sessions
  • Available in Spanish and English
  • ​Value Added Services: Parent Outreach


​​Your Local Parent Education Agency:  Provider of Quality Bilingual Parent Education

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Parent Education and Engagement


Teaching families and making a difference in the community is our passion…

We follow the Joyce Epstein’s “Six Types of Parent Involvement” framework.

The benefits that can be achieved through the creation of a partnership between schools, families and community organizations “…helps all youngsters succeed in school and in later life.”



Our dynamic team of instructors and facilitators is committed to providing

quality parent education. 

​Instructors/Facilitators Wanted: 

  • Great compensation program​
  • Bonus incentives 
  • Flexible schedule
  • Growth opportunity
  • Training program

​Do you have experience teaching adults?

Email us your resume to:  HR@PEBSAF.ORG


Quality Parent Education


Parent Engagement Partners

Our Mission:    Help families thrive by empowering parents with quality

                          education and community resources.  

Our Vision:      Create a community where families take an active role in the

                         education and future of their children.     


Our Team


Parent Education Bridge for Student Achievement Foundation

Support the movement to educate parents and make a difference in our community!




We love to teach parents!
Let us be your partner in parent education

Quality:  We pride ourselves with commitment to the quality of the programs and services we bring to the community.   

Practical:  Easy to understand material.

Affordable:  We help you make the most out of your budget.    

  • We do not charge per attendee. 
  • We do not charge for the graduation.
  • We do not have minimum or maximum             attendance requirements.
  • No need to purchase additional curriculum license.

Our variety of workshops allows you to bring more workshops to the parents at your school that address the emotional, social and physical development of the child.  Furthermore, parents love our workshops because of the variety of topics of interest to them.  Active parent participation is our priority. 

Our Instructors:  Our dynamic team of instructors/facilitators with over 20 years of experience is dedicated to providing the best quality training at an affordable fee-for-service. 

Interactive Workshops:   Fun and interactive learning environment for all!  Our parent education program is focused on the emotional, social and physical development of the child. 

Evidence based curriculum:  Practical information parents need to know on a variety of topics of interest.

Participation:  Increase parent involvement by providing quality workshops on topics of importance.

Parent workshops taught in Spanish or in English using Andragogy principles.

Morning and evening sessions.

Variety and Flexibility:  Many workshop topics to choose from.  Your needs are our priority! 

Our Commitment to Parent Education:  We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations every time.  

Parent Education Workshops Available in Spanish and English  

"Parents Love Our Workshops"

Don't settle for less!

Make the most out of your budget 


our parent education program.   


Highly Motivated Teachers Wanted 

"Active Parent Participation in School Equals Student Success"

 Educating       Uniting        Inspiring        Motivating         Empowering  


"The Organization with a Caring Heart"