• Flexible
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to Schedule
  • Evidence-Based Workshops
  • Custom-Designed Curriculum
  • Morning and Evening Sessions
  • Available in Spanish and English
  • Variety of Topics to Meet Your Needs
  • ​Value-Added Services to Serve You Better
  • Qualified instructors and facilitators

 Provider of Quality Bilingual Parent Education

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Available in

English and Spanish

PEBSAF Quality Parent Education

Our parent involvement programs are unique! 

Our programs were designed in California from the ground up by committed parents and educators to meet the needs of families in our community.  We work closely with the schools to identify the academic, social and emotional needs of the families in the community. 

We listen to your needs carefully, and then we work hard to meet and exceed those needs!  We are constantly updating our program to include the new academic initiatives and requirements of the schools we serve.  We have a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated and committed to making our program the best in quality and value! 

Over the past 12 years, we have successfully educated thousands of parents.  

We believe that a "cookie cutter approach" just does not work.  Every school and every community is different.  So we developed a parent education program that is custom designed, flexible and affordable.

Parents love our workshops! 

We honor the parents by respecting and valuing their time.  We recognize parents are extremely busy.​  Every workshops session is a content-rich learning experience presented in a positive and fun environment.  Parents really learn what they need to know to help their children achieve success and prepare for higher education.  We go out of our way to be inclusive of all parents at the school regardless of the language they speak.


Schools love our parent involvement programs!  

Our organization is committed to helping schools meet the LCAP parent education requirements!   

We offer a great variety of topics of importance for parents to support their students.   

With our quality workshops the parents receive much needed parent education workshops for less money; thus, allowing the school maximize their parent education budget.  

You can trust us to do the best job educating the parents at your school. 

You are always our priority!

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Quality Parent Education

Our Mission:    Help families thrive by empowering parents with quality                                        education and community resources.  

Our Vision:      Create a community where families take an active role in the

                         education and future of their children.     

Make the most out of your budget with our quality parent education program.


Scheduling our workshops is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. 

1. Visit PEBSAF.ORG and click on Schedule Workshop.

2. Let us know the workshop topics, dates, times and language.

3. We will contact you and help you plan for the parent workshops.

Our Commitment


Parent Education Bridge for Student Achievement Foundation

An Affordable Solution

to Quality

Parent Education



We love to teach parents!
Let us be your partner in parent education

The PEBSAF Advantage:

Quality:  We pride ourselves with commitment to the quality of the programs and services we bring to the community.   

Practical:  Easy to understand material.

Affordable:  We help you make the most out of your budget.    With our affordable flat fee-for-service,  whether you schedule one workshop or a series of workshops, you can always count us to be upfront about pricing.

  • We do not charge per attendee. 
  • We do not charge for the graduation.
  • We do not have minimum or maximum             attendance requirements.
  • No need to purchase expensive annual licenses.

Our variety of workshops allows you to bring more workshops to the parents at your school that address the emotional, social and physical development of the child.  Furthermore, parents love our workshops because of the variety of topics of interest to them.  Active parent participation is our priority. 

Our Instructors:  Our dynamic team of instructors/facilitators with over 20 years of experience is dedicated to providing the best quality training at an affordable fee-for-service. 

Interactive Workshops:   Fun and interactive learning environment for all!  Our parent education program is focused on the emotional, social and physical development of the child. 

Evidence based curriculum:  Practical information parents need to know on a variety of topics of interest.  No fillers: Every workshops session is a content-rich curriculum.

Participation:  Increase parent involvement by providing quality workshops on topics of importance.

Parent workshops taught in Spanish or in English using Andragogy principles.

Morning and evening sessions.

Variety and Flexibility:  Many workshop topics to choose from.  Your needs are our priority! 

Our Commitment to Parent Education:  We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations every time.  

Affordable Quality

Parent Education Workshops

Available in Spanish and English  

"Parents Love Our Workshops"


Are you an accredited teacher or

certified parent education instructor?

Highly Motivated Instructors Wanted!

Great compensation. Bonus incentives. 

Flexible schedule. We pay on time. 

Be part of the best team!

Know the FACTS Curriculum

"Families Actively Committed To Student Success"


The PEBSAF Advantage: Our dynamic team of instructors/facilitators with over 20 years of experience is dedicated to providing the best quality parent education.  Our team of accredited teachers, college professors, professionals and certified parent instructors go out of their way to meet and exceed the parents' expectations every time! 

We hire instructors with a proven track record of success in educating parents in the community.   We only hire caring and qualified individuals with a high level of commitment to parent education.   Our instructors are highly motivated because they love what they do!   We consistently receive excellent feedback from the parents at all the schools we served. 

Teaching families and making a difference in the community is our passion…

We follow the Joyce Epstein’s “Six Types of Parent Involvement” framework.

The benefits that can be achieved through the creation of a partnership between schools, families and community organizations “…helps all youngsters succeed in school and in later life.”

Powered by Innovation 


Parent Education. Done Right! 

Parents truly appreciate our workshops because they learn what they need to know to help their children succeed and because they are being taught by capable and caring instructors.   Schools administrators appreciate the great value the schools receive from our affordable quality workshops.

This is is how we measure our success..., we never settle for less than providing the highest quality parent education and at the best price.

Our parent education programs have been designed in California by educators and professionals to meet the needs of California schools.